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What types of packaging & merchandisers should I use? How do I choose?

There are many variables when it comes to choosing the type of packaging you use. Dimensions, weight, shape, special engineering needs to name just a few, and then of course these all need to be balanced against marketing and creative/printing needs and retailer requirements. Paragon is here help you guide you through this process smoothly with the expertise and advice you need to make the best decision.

What is the best material to use for my packaging & merchandisers?

Dimensions, weight and shape will all effect the material best used for your package as will marketing requirements. Is a 12 pt card stock suitable as an insert or does the weight of the product dictate using 18 pt? Do I need to be able to see the product through the packaging? Do I want the most environmentally friendly materials? Do I want the most cost-effective materials? Do I want the lightest materials? Whatever your objectives, Paragon can help craft a solution that shows the world what you're made of.

Is the creative and design affected by the type of packaging & merchandisers?

The type of packaging you choose affects creative decisions significantly. For example: printing directly to clear material can be done by a few different processes and may be determined by the quantity of packages required and the creative used for the package. Printing on clear material can be difficult and requires specific procedures within the creative to ensure a high quality job. At Paragon, we put our extensive experience to work for you to balance creative and production needs and get you the best results.

Will the quantity of packages & merchandisers I require affect my choice?

In most cases it will not. With today's technology short runs are more and more cost effective. That being said our clients usually are working within a specific budget for their projects and this is where Paragon's expertise can help you maximize your packaging impact while adhering to your budget.